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Luxury Bath Gift Set (Free Shipping)

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• 1 x Cypress & Oak Candle by Chesapeake, 2 x Harmonize Juniper Grapefruit Bath Salts by Truly Aesthetic, 1 x Dried Bath Rose Petals, 1 x  Gold Arabesque 24 Karat Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine by Pierre Chavin, 1 x Gift Box
• Great for Baby Showers, Baby Announcements, or just a Special Surprise!
• Premium At-Home Spa Gift: Treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa experience. Our relaxing wine set is perfect as a gift or for your own indulgent pleasure.



Treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious, relaxing at-home spa experience. Our luxury gift set will excite your senses with a fragrant Cypress & Oak Candle by Chesapeake, skin-soothing Harmonize Juniper Grapefruit Bath Salts by Truly Aesthetic, extravagant sparkling white wine with 24K gold flakes by the French winery Pierre Chavin, and beautiful red rose petals.

Sometimes you or your loved one just need a treat. Alcoholic drinks may not be an option due to pregnancy, so start date night with a gift that both you and your soon-to-be mother can enjoy together. Add a special touch to a luxurious evening. 


More About What's Included

• Gold Arabesque 24 Karat (non-alcoholic sparkling white wine with gold flakes) by the French winery Pierre Chavin: The wine displays a bright yellow color with persisting and delicate foam. It is full flavor with nice fruit and floral notes. A well balanced non-alcoholic sparkling wine.
• Cypress & Oak Candle by Chesapeake: A morning walk on a nature trail reveals refreshing notes of ancient evergreen and cypress trees. Invigorating spearmint and eucalyptus blend with woody balsam, oak and lavender for an everyday aromatic breath of fresh air.
• Harmonize Juniper Grapefruit Bath Salts by Truly Aesthetic: This limited edition spring line is so fresh and delightful! Each test tube is bursting full of beautiful organic spring herbs, topped with pink roses along with 2 myrtle leaves to signify the blooming of a lovely spring flower.
• Dried Bath Rose Petals: Scented dried rose petals suitable for baths.
• Free gift wrapping included.




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