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Perle Blanc Relaxing Bath Gift Set (Free Shipping)

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• 1 x Reflection + Clarity Candle by Chesapeake, 1 x Cherish Spring Bath Salts by Truly Aesthetic, 1 x Dried Bath Rose Petals, 1 x Perle Blanc Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine, 1 x Gift Box
• Premium At-Home Spa Gift: Treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa experience. Our relaxing wine set is perfect as a gift or for your own indulgent pleasure.
• Clean Fun: Indulge in style. Alcohol-free wines provide the luxury without the risks of traditional wine. Excite your senses with our carefully thought out relaxing bath gift set.



Treat yourself or a loved one to a relaxing at-home spa experience. Our gift set will excite your senses with a fragrant Reflection + Clarity Candle, skin-soothing Cherish Spring Bath Salts, delicious non-alcoholic sparkling white wine by the French winery Pierre Chavin, and beautiful red rose petals.

While pregnancy is a joyous occasion, the reality is that there are many dietary restrictions placed on pregnant and nursing mothers. We've all been there, craving something we really shouldn't have. Alcohol free wines have the complexity of traditional wines without, of course, the alcohol. This means you can enjoy delicious, rich flavors without putting your baby at risk.

Celebrate special occasions with more than just water and juice! Stay home, relax, and pamper yourself with our Relaxing Bath Gift Set.


More About What's Included

• Perle Blanc (non-alcoholic sparkling white wine) by the French winery Pierre Chavin: Elegant and pleasant, filled with perfectly integrated perfumes, balance and freshness. 
• Reflection + Clarity Candle by Chesapeake: Allow the mind time for quiet contemplation with soothing notes of chamomile, eucalyptus, and lavender. Bright cyclamen and botanical cedar wood cut through the noise of everyday hustle and bustle. Sea salt, clary sage, and thyme clear the air, with an inspiring freshness akin to a brisk morning sunrise reflecting on the shores of the bay. 
• Cherish Spring Bath Salts by Truly Aesthetic: This limited edition spring line is so fresh and delightful! Each test tube is bursting full of beautiful organic spring herbs, topped with pink roses along with 2 myrtle leaves to signify the blooming of a lovely spring flower. 
• Dried Bath Rose Petals: Scented dried rose petals suitable for baths.
• Free gift wrapping included.



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