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“Forward blend of barley, maize, and wheat with notable sweetness.



  • Package Includes: 1 x WHISSIN Non-Alcoholic (0.0%) Whisky Alternative 700ml.
  • Produced in Spain.
  • A great alcohol-free alternative to whisky to be drank neat, or even better as a base for amazing mocktails.
  • Great for Designated Drivers: Don't forget your alcohol-free guests when selecting drink options!
  • Best as the base for non-alcoholic cocktails.



WHISSIN is a non-alcoholic alternative to whisky created with a mixture of barley, maize, and wheat. Its sweetness is caused by the combination of ingredients with natural sugars that are normally processed during fermentation.

As for taste, to be frank, imitating the taste and sensation of a whisky, which contains 40% alcohol, is difficult. WHISSIN does, however, promise to offer a unique bouquet of flavors that is reminiscent of whisky. Drink this slightly sweet, Whisky alternative neat or with ice and mixers. For those craving the burning sensation associated with whisky, add a splash or two of Rochester Ginger.

We recommend WHISSIN be served over lots of ice and/or partnered with a mixer.

Created by Industrias Espadafor in Andalucia, Spain, WHISSIN is designed as an alternative to whisky. WHISSIN has never been fermented, making this 1998 winner of the SIAL D'OR award, the perfect addition to your alcohol-free collection.


Recommended Serve

  • WHISSIN: 100ml
  • Ice: Lots


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