Bollicine Bianco Sweet

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Very sweet. Displays a rich, straw yellow color. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut-grass and honey.


• Package Includes: 1 x Princess Bollicine Bianco Sweet Alcohol Free (0.0%) Sparkling White Wine 750ml.
• Produced by Princess winery in Italy with white table grape varieties. 
• Perfect alternative to a sparkling dessert wine.
• Pair with desserts, this sweet sparkling wine is the perfect way to end a meal.
• Best served at 5-6ºC (41 - 42.8ºF).



Princess Bollicine Bianco Sweet is a non-alcoholic sparkling sweet white wine produced in Italy. The product has been dealcoholized after production, which allows the wine to retain the complexity normally associated with alcoholic wine. Enjoy the complexity and fun of sparkling wine without the potentially negative side effects from consuming alcohol.




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Written by Jamie on Feb 2nd 2019

Unbelievably Good

This was absolutely delicious. I typically love a good dessert wine or a moscato. I literally like this more than any alcoholic wine I've ever had. This is going to be my go-to!