Wines For Mothers specializes in non-alcoholic wines for pregnant and nursing women. What does non-alcoholic mean? It means we maintain the same great flavor of traditional wines, while limiting the alcohol content to 0.0% by volume. Moms can continue their social, sophisticated and enjoyable lifestyles during the special transition period in their lives without sacrificing their passion for fine wines. Whether it’s white, red or rosé, our wines cover the entire spectrum, letting pregnant and new moms enjoy the delicious taste of wine without worry. 


All of our wines have been selected from wineries around the world which deliver high quality, great taste and, most importantly, safe products to protect the newest member of the family. Alcohol-free wines go through the same traditional methods as their alcoholic counterparts; however, right before bottling, all of the alcohol is removed. This process ensures our 0.0% wines retain their natural flavors and complexity without the health risks associated with alcohol


Non-alcoholic wines provide the perfect gifts for new or expecting mothers. Whether the soon-to-be mom in your life is pregnant or nursing, our wine is a sweet treat to help her relax, rejuvenate and feel elegant during the transition into motherhood. If you’re searching for a fantastic gift for her birthday, holiday, or just because, non-alcoholic wine is the ideal choice. If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, give a gift to yourself for a glass of non-alcoholic wine any time of day.


Wines For Mothers cares about moms, so we provide the best options to celebrate the new bundle of joy in your life. Learn more about us and try out some of products by checking out our Blog or FAQ page.


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