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Best Seller White Sampler Pack (5 bottles)

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This non-alcoholic white wine sampler pack offers a delightful opportunity to explore diverse wine flavors. Each bottle boasts a distinct flavor profile, sourced from various global regions, making it perfect for wine enthusiasts eager to experience variety.



  • Five (5) Non-Alcoholic Wines: 1 x Pierre Chavin Le Petit Chardonnay (France), 1 x Princess Bianco Dry (Italy), 1 x Élivo Cardio Zero White (Spain), 1 x Señorío de la Tautila Blanco (Spain), 1 x Lussory Chardonnay (Spain)
  • Top-rated white wines from France, Italy, and Spain. Alcohol-free, this set is perfect for those that want to indulge without the risks associated with alcohol.
  • A fantastic introduction to non-alcoholic white wines, these beautifully packaged red wines will make mom-to-be feel cherished and celebrated!



Enjoy our selection of non-alcoholic white wines on your outing with family and friends. Great for all, these alcohol-free wines, imported from France, Italy, and Spain have gone through dealcoholization. This means that individuals of all can enjoy the complex flavors of wine without the health consequences of alcohol.


Tasting Notes About the Wines in this Set

  1. Le Petit Chardonnay (France) - Aromas of lychee, peach, and flowers. Balanced, delicate freshness.
  2. Princess Bianco Dry (Italy) - Displays a rich, straw yellow color. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut-grass and honey.
  3. Elivo Cardio White (Spain) - Round and complete, fresh on the palate. Stands out due to its glyceric nature, fruity flavors and touch of acidity. Mineral notes stand out and the typical aromas associated with the Verdejo grape variety can be found on top of green apple and a hint of fennel.
  4. Senorio de la Tautila Blanco (Spain) - Beautiful straw-yellow color. Frank and good intensity with citrus notes. Fresh, aromatic and lively with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.
  5. Lussory Chardonnay (Spain) - Gentle and graceful wine, with a perfectly balanced taste and extremely refreshing.