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Best Seller Red Sampler Pack (5 bottles)

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The non-alcoholic red wine sampler pack offers a delightful opportunity to explore diverse wine flavors. Each bottle boasts a distinct flavor profile, sourced from various global regions, making it perfect for wine enthusiasts eager to experience variety.



  • Five (5) Non-Alcoholic Wines: 1x Le Petit Merlot, 1 x Princess Rosso Dry, 1 x Élivo Cardio Zero Red, 1 x Señorío de la Tautila Tinto, 1 x Lussory Tempranillo
  • Top-rated red wines from France, Italy, and Spain. Alcohol-free, this set is perfect for those that want to indulge without the risks associated with alcohol. 
  • A fantastic introduction to non-alcoholic red wines, these beautifully packaged red wines will make mom-to-be feel cherished and celebrated!


Tasting Notes About the Wines in this Set

  1. Le Petit Merlot (France) - Intense ruby color with red fruits on the nose. Fresh, balanced, and vibrant.
  2. Princess Rosso Dry (Italy) - Displays an intense, deep red color. Exhibits aromas of ripe fruits with a pleasing and elaborate taste.
  3. Elivo Cardio Zero Red (Spain) - A rich, round, fresh, lasting and balanced wine. Powerful, persistent, and structured with lively tannins. Ripened red fruit aroma, spiced and minerals. Presents an intense aromatic complexity marked by a plum base.
  4. Senorio de la Tautila Tempranillo (Spain) - Ripe cherry-colored wine of mild intensity. Voluminous input in mouth, persistent structure with personality.
  5. Lussory Tempranillo (Spain) - Maroon red, medium depth with aromas of red fruits, full of flavor with persistent tannins.