Bianco Dry

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Displays a rich, straw yellow color. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut-grass and honey.


• Package Includes: Princess Bianco Dry Alcohol Free (0.0%) White Wine 750ml.
• Produced by Princess winery in Italy with white table grape varieties. 
• Best served at 5-6ºC (41 - 42.8ºF).



Princess Bianco Dry is a non-alcoholic white wine produced in Italy. The product has been dealcoholized after production, which allows the wine to retain the complexity normally associated with alcoholic wine. Enjoy the complexity of wine without the potentially negative side effects from consuming alcohol.




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Written by Jenifer Phillips on May 27th 2020


This is super light but it has that perfect little bit of sweetness that doesn't make it over powering. This is like the perfect wine to sip on after a hot day in the Sun. Get it nice and chilled and slowly sip on it while sitting in a rocking chair! It is perfect!

Written by Kayla on Mar 21st 2019


Too floral. Weak body. Will not order again