Cardio Zero Red


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“ A rich, round, fresh, lasting and balanced wine. Powerful, persistent, and structured with lively tannins. Ripened red fruit aroma, spiced and minerals. Presents an intense aromatic complexity marked by a plum base.



  • Package Includes: Élivo Cardio Zero Red Alcohol Free (0.0%) Red Wine 750ml.
  • Produced by Élivo winery in Spain with Mencía, Tempranillo, and Garnacha grapes.
  • Perfect wine for regular consumption. Pair with cold cuts, cheese and meat, especially game.



Élivo Cardio Zero Red non-alcoholic red wine is the perfect wine for regular consumption. Pair with cold cuts, cheese and meat, especially game. This alcohol-free red wine displays garnet red with purple hues. Ripe red fruit aromas with spices and minerals stand out. The wine presents an intense aromatic complexity marked by a plum base.

The production of this wine is carried out paying special attention to the points where the extraction of the combined phenolics of the grape are extracted for the must. After destemming, maceration is carried out for six days with maceration enzymes. The combination of a selection of grapes high in phenolic content, their cultivation under water stress conditions and carrying out the maceration with specific enzymes allows the development of wines high in phenolic content. Cardio Zero is a wine created by ÉLIVO to satisfy the most demanding customers.

In a single product, we can find sensory pleasure and the goodness of the combined phenolics of the grape. The polyphenols help to maintain good cardiovascular health. Studies by ÉLIVO agree with studies carried out by various investigation centers (Circulation Research, Ramón Estruch, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Instituto de Salud Carlos III). Cardio Zero contains a high concentration of polyphenols and its habitual consumption is capable of reducing platelet aggregation and increasing vasodilation in the arteries, which reduces the risks of cardiovascular illnesses.


Other Details
UPC 8437010483295
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Type Red Wine
Country of Production Spain
Grape Mencía / Tempranillo / Garnacha
Calories 8Kcal/125ml
Carbohydrates 2g/125ml
Fat 0g
Sugar 2.1g/125ml
Halal Certified Yes
Seal Cork
Protein 0g


4 Average based on 3 reviews Write a Review
Written by Seawren on Feb 2nd 2021

Ruby red color

This wine has a bit of a vinegary smell and initial bite, which helps a bit (due to the bite) to make it a little more like alcohol based wine (if you bare looking for that). It is not sweet and has a plummy flavor. It’s a decent non alcoholic wine.

Written by Nikki on Apr 23rd 2018

Fruity red

This wine more on the fruity side with a brighter magenta color. I’d definitely recommend this one for a Sangria. Mix in some fruit and you have a win.

Written by Janie on Dec 4th 2017

Cardio Zero

This is my favorite of the first 3 wines I tried due to having a heavier texture than the others. Also, I was very excited for my daughter because this wine will work if you are on the Keto diet due to having very low carbs!!!