Señorio de la Tautila

Espumoso Blanco

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Beautiful sparkling white wine of mild intensity.


• Package Includes: Señorío de la Tautila Espumoso Blanco Alcohol Free (0.0%) Sparkling White Wine 750ml.
• Produced by Señorío de la Tautila winery in Spain with Tempranillo grapes.
• Perfect for special occasions.
• Best served at 4-5ºC (39.2 - 41ºF).



Señorio de la Tautila Espumoso Blanco non-alcoholic sparkling white wine has a great taste, is very refreshing and has very fine bubbles of long duration. Especially recommended in combination with light soups, broths, or cold creams such as vichyssoise. It is also a great companion to all kinds of salads and cheeses.

This wine is produced using the brut method and is carefully dealcoholized by the winery. The result is this magnificent and versatile product with 0.0% alcohol.




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Written by Elizabeth Baisley on Jun 6th 2021

Tricked me into thinking I was drinking bubbles

This was really convincing as bubbles. It looked and tasted like bubbles would, so was good for feeling like you are drinking when you aren't. This is not sweet at all, in the same way champagne isn't sweet, so if you are sweet sensitive this is the wine for you.

Written by Nikki on Apr 23rd 2018

Like drinking real champagne

This was absolutely my favorite and I’d buy it for every expecting mama or non-drinker I know. It’s dry like you’re really drinking champagne and not filled with all of the sugar you see in most non-alcoholic sparkling wines. The best part? It’s low calorie! (not that I’m counting)