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Espumoso Rosado


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“ Beautiful rose colored sparkling wine of mild intensity.



  • Package Includes: Señorio de la Tautila Espumoso Rosado Alcohol Free (0.0%) Sparkling Rose Wine 750ml.
  • Produced by Élivo winery in Spain with Tempranillo grapes.
  • Great companion to salads, cheeses, canapés and light pastas.
  • Vegan and Halal Certified.



Señorio de la Tautila Espumoso Rosado non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine has a great taste, is very refreshing and has very fine bubbles of long duration. Especially recommended in combination with light soups, broths, or cold creams such as vichyssoise. It is also a great companion to all kinds of salads, cheeses, canapés and light pastas.

This wine is produced using the brut method and is carefully dealcoholized by the winery. The result is this magnificent and versatile product with 0.0% alcohol.


Other Details
UPC 8437011336132
Serving Temperature 4-5ºC
Storage Temperature Below 10ºC
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Type Sparkling Rose Wine
Country of Production Spain
Grape Tempranillo
Calories 26Kcal/100ml
Carbohydrates 6g/100ml
Fat 0g
Sugar 6g/100ml
Halal Certified Yes
Seal Cork
Volume 750 mL
Protein 0g
Vegan Yes


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Written by Monica on Sep 22nd 2021

Absolutely disgusting.

I am a lover of both dry and sweet wines, but the aromas of the two out of the 3 bottles I opened are HORRENDOUS. I somehow got the wine glass close enough to my face to take a sip. It tastes just like what I was smelling, which I can’t describe other than being like wet dog with gross sweaty socks. It was a horrifying experience and I had such high hopes because I really wanted a glass of wine. I understand it’s 0% alcohol. I’m sure that has a lot to do with all of its aromas and notes and body not being on par, but GOD DAMN. It is so foul tasting I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours and it made me nauseous. Definitely a live and learn, one and done purchase! I’m disappointed that I paid what I did for these three bottles and can only return the one because it’s unopened. Sadly, I have to pay for the shipping and deal with the hassle and it is not worth it to me. I could’ve just bought a nice bottle of real red and enjoyed a glass during my 2nd trimester. I’m scarred.

Written by Sarah on Jul 8th 2020

Crisp and Tasty

Pretty darn close to rose champagne. No wonder it's a "Mom Favorite."

Written by Micala on Sep 21st 2018


This sparkling rose was light and crisp. It is the only non-alcoholic sparkling wine I have ever tried that I wanted to drink multiple glasses in one sitting. Bubbles like the real thing.