Zero Zero Deluxe Red


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“ A sweet, fruity aroma, with hints of the Cabernet grape variety. It presents a fragrant bouquet, signaling its aromatic complexity. Among these the smell of mature red fruits stand out, with a final scent of coffee. The combination is harmonized by subtle hints of oak.



  • Package Includes: Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe Red Alcohol Free (0.0%) Red Wine 750ml.
  • Produced by Élivo winery in Spain with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
  • Pairs well with everyday dishes or your favorite appetizers.
  • Vegan and Halal Certified.



Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe Red non-alcoholic red wine is the prefect wine for regular consumption. Pair with daily dishes or your favorite appetizers. This alcohol-free red wine appears cherry-red with intense, violet tones. Zero Zero Deluxe Red reflects light well, indicating clarity and demonstrating a clean appearance.

A sweet, rich wine, with slightly distinguishable tannins and a characteristic acidity that makes it light and agreeable. As with the nose, fruit flavors are noted, integrated through the enveloping and pleasant tannic structure of the wine. It is a healthy, natural product, very pleasant in the mouth and nose and very up to date.

The grapes are harvested manually and before destemming, the grapes are selected in the winery. Once the grape has been destemmed, it is placed in maceration vats for a period of three to four days, at a controlled temperature of 14ºC. After the maceration process, fermentation is begun using cultured yeast. Overpumping is used during fermentation in order to provide color and structure. Later, the wine is racked and a young wine is produced, which complies with the quality requirements for dealcoholization. After racking the wine, the dealcoholization process begins. dealcoholization is carried out using a pressure system at a low temperature, where high pressure and a temperature of 30ºC are combined in order to convert the ethanol into vapor. The vapors are removed with a gas extractor and the rest of the wine remains in liquid state, without the ethanol. Once it has been dealcoholized, the product undergoes a partial aging process, during which 60% of the wine which is to be dealcoholized is placed in French Oak barrels. The wine remains in the barrels for 4 to 6 months and is subject to an ongoing stabilization process to ensure that the dealcoholized wine does not deteriorate in the barrels, despite not containing any ethanol. 


Other Details
UPC 8437010483127
Serving Temperature 14-16ºC
Storage Temperature Below 12ºC
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Type Red Wine
Country of Production Spain
Grape Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon
Calories 8Kcal/125ml
Carbohydrates 2.4g/125ml
Fat 0g
Sugar 1.7g/125ml
Halal Certified Yes
Seal Cork
Volume 750 mL
Protein 0g
Vegan Yes


5 Average based on 8 reviews Write a Review
Written by Steven on Jul 14th 2020

Wine review

I had been looking up different non alcoholic wines for my wife since she is pregnant she misses having a nice glass with dinner or while we are relaxing. I bought this bottle and she loved it! Said it taste just like the wine she loved to drink will definitely get more for her!

Written by Yvette Doyle on Dec 5th 2019

Wine for mother’s is the best win I’ve tasted yet.

This red wine is so good. I love the tasted I love how rich it look inside my glass. Love it.

Written by Lindsey Pauley on Oct 7th 2019

Not bad, but too sweet

This wine has a pleasing look in the glass, and the aroma is nice, but the flavor is very sweet for my liking. It doesn't have the bitterness that I really love in a red wine.

Written by Mary on Sep 21st 2019

A great food wine!

This elivo zero zero deluxe red wine tastes GOOD! It went well with seared breast of duck, roasted veggies and some slices of an extra baked potato I cooked yesterday that were browned in the duck fat while the duck was resting. I can see serving this NA red wine with pasta, veal and even roast turkey at Thanksgiving.

Written by Kayla on Mar 19th 2019


Forgot the star rating

Written by Nikki on Apr 23rd 2018

Great red

This wine had a lot of pepper accents to me, yet when I tasted it got a much sweeter and fruitier aroma. You could use this one as a spritzer or Sangria for sure!

Written by Yvette Doyle on Mar 26th 2018

Good tasting wine

I always knew red wine was good for u but all the wine that i taste that was nonalcoholic didnt have a good taste. This wine is so close to drinking good wine without the alcohol with all the antioxidants. I love it i must say u have out did urself. It is so nice to sat down and drank a good glass of wine and not have to be concern about the alcohol content. I feel the same way as if i have drank wine with alcohol nice and calm. Thank u i have been looking for this wine for a long time.

Written by Janie on Dec 4th 2017

Zero Zero

I liked this wine due to it having a heavier texture than some others. Also, I was very excited for my daughter because this wine will work if you are on the Keto diet due to having very low carbs!!!