5 New Year’s Resolutions for Soon-To-Be Mothers to Make

 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Soon-To-Be Mothers to Make

Happy New Year! 2019 has officially arrived, which means the air is filled with hope as we prepare for the next 12 months. And of course, every new year brings resolutions. People everywhere use this time as an opportunity to commit themselves to new habits, rid themselves of old habits and dedicate their lives to upcoming adventures.

Of course, for soon-to-be mothers, 2019 offers an entirely new world of excitement. Babies are beautiful, challenging and possibly the greatest adventure anyone can embark on. This means for pregnant women who hope to have a baby in 2019, New Year’s resolutions can be even more impactful. Not only do the resolutions affect your life, but they can even affect the baby’s life, as well.

So where do you start? Deciding on resolutions can be difficult enough, let alone trying to choose resolutions for you and your baby. To help, here are five New Year’s resolutions for soon-to-be mothers to make.

1. I will not compare myself to other mothers.

The first resolution might be the most difficult out of all of them. Whether you’re a soon-to-be mother, already a mother or simply a woman, chances are you struggle with comparison. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other women around you, particularly as you prepare for the baby. Her baby bump is so much cuter than mine, you think. Or, Why didn’t I decorate our nursery like that? Comparative thoughts can only make your pregnancy more stressful. Instead of comparing, resolve to fight the temptation and focus solely on your own life and baby this year.

2. I will love my body before and after birth.

There’s no doubt about it: your body will go through changes during pregnancy. The before, during and post-pregnancy stages might all look drastically different from each other, and that’s okay. Rather than struggling with low self-esteem or worrying about how you look, make a resolution for 2019 to love your body exactly as it is before and after you give birth. Not only will you feel better about yourself and less stressed, but your baby will actually be positively affected, as well. Stress during pregnancy is never good, no matter where it comes from.

3. I will exercise consistently and eat well mostly.

One simple way to love your body throughout the pregnancy journey is to care for it physically. This includes consistent exercise and healthy eating. Now, don’t get us wrong: this does not mean you have to exercise every day, or that you can’t enjoy a delicious piece of chocolate cake every now and then. But it does mean that you make an effort to exercise a few times per week, such as taking the dog for a walk, and monitor the foods you eat. When you resolve to take good care of yourself physically during pregnancy, you will feel better mentally and emotionally as well.

4. I will give myself time to rest and relax.

Another important resolution to have in mind for 2019 is rest and relaxation. There are plenty of things to keep you busy during pregnancy. Between decorating the nursery, buying baby supplies, having baby showers and taking birthing classes, you are constantly on the move. This year, make a resolution to have time for a little rest and relaxation. Whether it’s soaking in a nice warm bath, reading a good book or sipping on a glass of non-alcoholic wine, taking “me time” will allow your body to rest, which leaves you feeling better and has positive effects for your little one.

5. I will not search every pregnancy or baby symptom.

And the final valuable resolution: no searching. As a soon-to-be or new mom, you have plentyof questions which you need answers to. Is this feeling normal? you wonder, and, Can babies eat this? While some questions are perfectly fine to ask, it’s easy to drive yourself crazy by constantly searching every little pregnancy or baby symptom. So this year, resolve to not sweat the little stuff. Research big questions if necessary, but don’t worry about small symptoms which may pop up. You—and your little one—will feel much more relaxed overall.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to look toward the future with hope, ambition and of course, resolution. If you’re an expecting mother in 2019, then keep these resolutions in mind as you prepare for your little bundle of joy. When you look back on the end of the year, you will be glad you did.