10 Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry Checklist

10 Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry Checklist

When it comes to having a baby, one of the most exciting things for a new mom to prepare is the registry. As you feel your little one grow, you also get to pick out their favorite outfits, design their bedroom and choose the latest gadgets to help them through their development. 

Nevertheless, registries can also be overwhelming and confusing. Particularly for new moms, you might have no idea what to include on your registry checklist. Questions ping around in your mind as you walk through the aisles with your little lazer gun. However, no matter who you are, there are some items every mom should have on her registry. To get started, check out these 10 must-haves for your baby registry checklist.

1. Car Seat

If you want to take your baby home from the hospital, then the first thing on your registry should be a car seat. There are two main options for car seats: an infant car seat (for newborns) or a convertible car seat (modify from newborn through toddler years). For one of the most popular car seats this year, check out the MESA Infant Car Seat here.

2. Baby Wrap

Speaking of taking your baby with you, a baby wrap is the perfect item to add to your registry. Babywearing mimics the closeness and comfort your little one experienced inside the womb, and gives you hands-free accessibility to go about your regular routine. For ideas, check out this popular wrap option from Babylist.

3. Diapers

While you might not need newborn diapers initially (some babies come out of the womb in size 1s), you will want to have diapers on hand so you’re not left scrambling. Register for a few varieties of diaper sizes if you’re not sure, or try using cloth diapers for reusable choices. For instance, check out this option from Buy Buy Baby.

4. Wipes

Of course, with diapers come wipes. As a new mom, you will soon find that you can never go wrong having a stash of baby wipes handy whenever you need them. Baby wipes keep your little one, you and any other affected surface clean after an accident. You can find baby wipes both in stores and online for major outlets.

5. Diaper Bag

Once you have your stash of diapers and wipes, it’s time to stock your handy-dandy diaper bag. Diaper bags are an absolute necessary for any mother. Not only do they hold your little one’s diapers, but they also hold tools, toys and snacks you might need while out and about. You can even find some cute ones out there, like this one.

6. Diaper Cream

Babies are in diapers 24/7, which means things can get a little hot, sweaty and stinky down there. Soothe their sensitive skin and provide a protective barrier with a high-quality diaper cream. One Babylist parent favorite is Boudreaux Butt Paste, which you can find on Amazon.

7. Stroller

Having a stroller that meets your needs will make life much easier for both you and baby when you’re on the go. While strollers can range in price and features, be sure to choose the best fit for your family. For example, check out this fan-favorite travel option from Evenflo here.

8. Baby Formula

Even if you plan on breastfeeding, it’s helpful to have baby formula on hand for whenever you need it, like if your supply drops occasionally from sickness or hormonal changes. While formula is definitely a personal choice, choices like Enfamil Enspire tend to be well-liked among parenting communities.

9. Crib/Bassinet

Your baby has to sleep somewhere. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies share a room with parents until at least six months, which makes a bassinet a great option. As your baby grows, they can move to their own crib in a separate room if preferred. It’s a good idea to have both options available on your registry.

10. Layette

A layette refers to a wardrobe for your little one, which also includes cloth items like burp rags, booties and hats. Of course, don’t forget swaddles, which wrap your baby up like a tight burrito. If you’re not sure where to start with the layette, check out this article on determining how many baby clothes you need.

Building a baby registry is an exciting—and daunting—experience. But, it doesn’t have to be scary! Start with these must-haves, then work your way up to the less necessary (but still super fun and adorable) options. Before long, your checklist will be complete and you can prepare for your little one!