5 Reasons Why Alcohol-Free Wine is the Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Why Alcohol-Free Wine is the Perfect Gift

Happy holidays! ‘Tis the season of cold days, warm fires, hot chocolate and of course… gift giving. Over the next month, the average American will spend approximately $700 on holiday gifts and goodies, totaling more than $465 billion. That’s a lot of money for a lot of gifts. During the following weeks, people will carefully decipher, choose and buy the perfect presents for their loved ones to show them how appreciated they truly are.

Particularly for expecting moms, the holiday season is full of gifts. Unfortunately, most of these are intended for the soon-to-be little one. Moms receive plenty of clothes, toys and books during the holidays… all of which are for the baby. But what do pregnant women get for themselves? Oftentimes, very little. While gifts for babies do matter, it’s also important to keep the soon-to-be mom in mind as you go shopping.

After all, pregnancy is an incredibly stressful time, so why not make it easier by giving her a gift she’ll really love? Take non-alcoholic wine for instance. Alcohol-free wine is an ideal present to give this holiday season for any new, expecting or nursing mothers. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why alcohol-free wine is the perfect gift.

1. She can feel sophisticated.

Nothing makes a woman feel classier or more sophisticated than a beautiful glass of wine. As Luis Fernando Olaverri once said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” Simply the act of pouring a bottle of wine, seeing it fill the glass and sipping it delicately can make a woman feel cosmopolitan. Unfortunately during pregnancy, women tend to feel the opposite. Not only are you sore, tired and hurting, but you also feel enlarged and maybe even unattractive. If you know an expecting woman in your life, give her the gift of sophistication this season through a delicious bottle of wine.

2. She can unwind.

There’s something about a glass of wine which allows us to really relax and unwind. Of course, for an expecting mother, there’s nothing she wants more. Pregnant women face all sorts of stressors. From an aching body, to preparing the nursery, to planning with family members, pregnancy is a stressful time. A full glass of non-alcoholic wine can relieve some of this tension. By giving a bottle of alcohol-free wine this holiday season, you can help the women in your life unwind and take time to relax. Pair the bottle with a good book and bubble bath, and you have the perfect pregnancy present.

3. She can enjoy the taste.

So we’ve established wine is a great gift during the holiday season. But for a pregnant or nursing mother, alcohol is not an option. With the gift of alcohol-free wine, you can give her all the luxury and taste of real wine, only this way she can actually enjoy it. Non-alcoholic wine is a safe alternative for pregnant or nursing women. Because the alcohol is completely distilled from the original wine, expecting mothers can enjoy the tastes of their favorite wines, without worrying about repercussions. Since all of our wines are 0.0% alcohol, you can feel safe choosing them for your holiday gift.

4. She can fit in.

The holidays are a busy and overwhelming season, packed with people who are often drinking alcohol. If you’re a pregnant or nursing mother who does not have the option to drink, you might end up feeling uncomfortable or even left out. Instead, help her feel included with a tall glass of non-alcoholic wine this holiday season. She can fit in with the rest of her friends and family as they drink alcohol, by sipping on her own glass of remarkable wine. For an expecting mother, the holidays are a stressful season. Help make them a little more comfortable by giving her the gift of inclusion.

5. She can think about herself.

As a new or pregnant mother, everything in life revolves around the baby. When is the baby due? How does the baby feel? Are you prepared for the baby? Unfortunately, very few people actually check in with the soon-to-be mom. And for a soon-to-be mom, very few thoughts ever come back to herself. Instead, everything revolves around the little one. This holiday season, give the gift of self-care by allowing the pregnant women in your life to think about themselves for a change. Whether she wants to drink the wine alone in a bathtub, or surrounded by a group of friends, she can have the time to think about herself and do something she truly enjoys.

The holiday season is here, which means people everywhere will buy gifts galore for their loved ones. If you have a new or expectant mother in your life, brighten her holiday season with the gift of alcohol-free wine. The holidays are the perfect time to share a gift your loved ones will enjoy, so give to the mothers in your life with alcohol-free wine.