7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Loved One

Posted by The Team @Wines for Mothers on Apr 23rd 2019

7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Loved One

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s expecting a baby...and it’s her birthday! If you have a pregnant loved one in your life, you’ve already had the joy of discovering the news with her, supporting her in the transition and preparing for the new little one in her life.

But if her birthday falls during those nine long months of pregnancy, now you get the chance to celebrate her, not just the baby. This can be a tough distinction to make, which is why we put together this helpful list of seven birthday gift ideas for your pregnant loved one.

1. Full Body Pillow

Lots of women have a tough time sleeping during pregnancy. Whether it’s back pain, restlessness or finding a comfortable position, sleep can be a challenge. Fortunately, a full body pillow is the perfect way for pregnant women to find a cozy position and fall right to sleep. Check out this pregnancy pillow for a birthday gift she is sure to love now and well past pregnancy.

2. Music System

They say playing classical music during pregnancy can help make the baby smarter. Whether or not this is true, some moms love sharing a special moment with their baby bump by playing music. A pregnancy music system attaches to the belly and plays music at optimal fetal sound levels, so the little one hears it even in the womb. For example, consider this BellyBuds Pregnancy Baby Bump Headphones set.

3. Stretch Mark Oil

If your pregnant loved one is struggling with the physical changes during pregnancy, give her the perfect birthday gift by surprising her with stretch mark oil. This simple, yet kind, gesture shows her you listen to her concerns and want to help her feel truly beautiful. Oils like the Mamma Mio Tummy Rub Oil can prevent and minimize stretch marks, for before and after the baby is born.

4. Pregnancy Pajamas

Like we said: sleep can be a challenge for some pregnant women. That’s why a great pair of pajamas is often critical to the condition of sleep they receive. A set of gorgeous, soft, comfortable pajamas is guaranteed to make your loved one happy. For an added bonus, choose a pajama top specifically made to make nursing simple and easy, so they can enjoy the pajamas well past the baby’s birth.

5. Guide Books

Whether this is her first child or her fifth child, your loved one might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of bringing a new baby into the midst. If she’s an information lover, give her the gift of knowledge with a few pregnancy and motherhood guide books. Check online for book reviews or read lists like this one here, for ideas on which book to surprise her with.

6. Motherhood Journal

Pregnancy and motherhood bring with them lots of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Help your loved one keep track of everything with a designated motherhood journal. You can choose a journal specifically for monitoring her pregnancy, the first few months of motherhood or simply pick a beautiful journal she can use whenever she wants in life. Choose one she will love and appreciate for her birthday.

7. Non-Alcoholic Wine

Of course, birthday parties are nothing without great food and drinks. Help her feel included by picking out delicious non-alcoholic wine for her to sip on. With the same great flavor profiles and none of the concern for alcohol, she can enjoy an evening with friends and family completely worry-free. Who knows? She may love the wine so much she keeps it up post-birth and for years to come.

If your pregnant loved one has a birthday coming up, choose a gift that she can use now, in the future and during or post-pregnancy. Keep these ideas in mind as you pick the perfect present for her and make her day special.