7 Mom-to-Be Costume Ideas for Halloween

7 Mom-to-Be Costume Ideas for Halloween

Happy October! One of our favorite months of the year is officially here, and with it comes a brisk breeze, crunchy, colorful leaves along the ground and the smell of pumpkin spice drifting through the air. October is definitely one of the best months of the year, and why? Well, for one big reason: it’s home to a fan-favorite holiday, Halloween!

Halloween is always a fun time of the year to get creative and dress up in some of your favorite costumes. Whether you choose to go the pop culture route, the funny route or the classic scary route, costumes are one of the best things about Halloween! And for soon-to-be moms, Halloween can get even more creative, because now you can incorporate your baby bump into the costume.

If you’re an expectant mother who wants to get into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up your baby bump, we have some great ideas to get you started. Here are seven mom-to-be costume ideas for Halloween.

1. Deviled Egg

The deviled egg costume is always a fun, easy way to go with your Halloween. Simply pair a yellow shirt with a white piece of cardboard, and boom! Your belly is now the yoke of an egg. For instance, check out this example here.

2. Gumball Machine

If you’re a mom-to-be who loves sweets, why not try being a gumball machine this Halloween? Pair a red skirt with a white shirt and red hat, then glue pom poms to your belly as “gumballs.” This easy costume idea is a great way to look cute and get some laughs at any Halloween party.

3. Thing 1 & Thing 2

This costume is pretty simple: you’re thing one. The baby is thing two. This silly costume plays off the popular Dr. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat, where two little “things” wreak havoc throughout a house. Wear a red shirt, then sew or iron on a “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” sign to your chest and belly, for a fun costume everyone will love.

4. Skeleton Family

Whether you’re a first-time mom or on your fifth little one, the skeleton family is always a great way to get everyone involved. It’s easy: you dress as a skeleton, your baby has a little skeleton on your shirt and your partner dresses as a skeleton. Boom, skeleton family! If you have other little ones who want to join in the fun, dress them as skeletons to get the whole family involved. For instance, check out these fun costumes from Etsy.

5. Magic 8 Ball

If you’re far enough along this Halloween, chances are your belly is already the perfect shape to embody the famous Magic 8 Ball. To keep it simple, wear a black shirt with an iron-on white circle and figure 8 on the front. Then, when strangers ask you personal questions about your pregnancy, feel free to reply with, “Better not tell you now.”

6. Under Construction

Another fun costume to get your significant other involved with is “Under Construction.” Dress as a construction worker, then pin a sign to your shirt that says “Bump.” Your partner can even join in by dressing as another crew member on the construction site.

7. Kangaroo Pouch

Finally, embrace your soon-to-be motherhood by dressing as a kangaroo this Halloween, complete with a pouch to carry your little kangaroo. This cute costume can be bought online or made at home, and is a fun way to play off your pregnancy with a baby kangaroo on the way.

October is officially here, which means Halloween will be here before we know it. If you’re a mom-to-be, get creative with your costume this year by trying out one of these fun and festive Halloween costumes. Embrace your baby bump this holiday with a costume that makes you excited to welcome in the new little one.