Fun and Romantic Things to Do When Pregnant on Valentine’s Day

Fun and Romantic Things to Do When Pregnant on Valentine’s Day

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Yes, the sweet day filled with love and romance is just around the corner. There are chocolates in every storefront, flowers waiting to be picked and of course, giant teddy bears searching for a home. Valentine’s Day is just a few short days away, but if you’re an expecting mother, you might not feel very excited.

Pregnancy can be a real challenge, which means sometimes things like dressing up, going out and socializing on Valentine’s Day don’t sound as fun as they used to. Instead, you might strongly prefer simply sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a cheesy movie. (Actually, we’re partial to option two as well.)

But, just because you have a baby brewing in your belly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the Valentine’s Day fun! No matter where you fall on the Valentine’s Day spectrum, there are plenty of date night options to choose from. For example, check out our list of fun and romantic things to do when pregnant on Valentine’s Day.

Take a cooking course.

Whether going out or staying in, cooking is always a great option, particularly when you feel a strong food craving come on. Check in your area for Valentine’s Day cooking courses you and your partner can enjoy together. Or, if going out doesn’t feel like your thing, then stay home and become a master chef from the comfort of your own kitchen. Look online for recipes and get creative with experiments to find your new favorite dish.

Enjoy a night of mocktails.

While you’re busy cooking, enjoy a delicious mocktail to help unwind. Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is the wine or drinks you can have with a meal. Of course, when you’re expecting, that’s probably not an option. However, there are plenty of tasty and alcohol-free options out there, from red, white and rosé wine, to delightful mocktails which have all the same great flavors as your favorite drinks.

Have a couple’s spa day.

You might have already considered taking your own spa day (and if you haven’t, go for it girl), but why not enjoy a couple’s spa day together? Spend time relaxing, unwinding and rejuvenating with your significant other by signing up for a spa package together. Get a couple’s massage, facial and maybe even a pedicure. Chances are both you and your partner will leave the facility feeling more relaxed than ever on Valentine’s Day.

Write down your dreams.

Whether this is your first or your seventh, we know you have big dreams for your baby. Many parents talk about hopes for their children, but never write them down. Then, by the time you’ve given birth and everything has calmed down, you’ve already forgotten! Instead, this Valentine’s Day, take time to be alone with your spouse and thoughtfully consider, reflect and record all of the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Hang out with a movie night.

For a truly peaceful night, enjoy a more casual road and relax by hanging out and watching a movie. Pop some popcorn, open a bottle of nonalcoholic wine and pick out your favorite romantic comedy to see together. Who knows? Maybe your spouse will really give you the romantic Valentine’s Day treatment with a foot or back massage.

Go on a shopping spree.

What better way to celebrate the day of love than with a love for shopping? Not to mention, most stores offer a variety of incredible Valentine’s Day sales you can take advantage of. Treat yourself this holiday and go on a shopping spree with your spouse, friends or enjoy time by yourself. Then, once you have some cute items picked out for the evening, you can…

Get fancy with it.

This is the classic Valentine’s Day event, but it still never gets old. If you feel up to it, then go all out for a date night! Get dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy an evening of luxury with your spouse. Even if you don’t have a hot date tonight, treat yourself! Take yourself out for a date to celebrate the occasion. Either way, you will feel confident and classy with a fancy night out.

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, but don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to celebrate, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. This week, keep some of these ideas in mind as you plan out your Valentine’s Day celebration, and enjoy a romantic, fun-filled evening with your loved one.