How to Feel Classy and Confident While Pregnant

How to Feel Classy and Confident While Pregnant

When it comes to having a baby, you have a lot on your mind. You have a whole list of things to think about—the health of the baby, preparing the baby’s room, transitioning the baby into the family—the list can go on and on. So of course, how you feel during the pregnancy can often fall to the bottom of the list. All of a sudden, your own confidence and self-esteem don’t seem to matter as much, as long as the baby is well prepared for and taken care of.

However, maintaining your confidence and wellbeing during pregnancy is an extremely important part of your mental health, which can often affect your baby’s physical health. During pregnancy, many women feel enlarged, frustrated and unattractive. This definitely doesn’t influence their self-esteem well. But, when you feel classy and confident while pregnant, you promote your own wellbeing, which also positively influences your little one. To get started, we came up with a few ideas for how you can feel classy and confident while pregnant.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, living a healthy lifestyle can make anyone feel better about themselves. When we eat well and exercise consistently, our bodies naturally respond better. Our skin clears up, we maintain healthy weights and we have more energy. When you’re pregnant, a healthy lifestyle is even more important to keep in mind. Now, here’s the important part: don’t take care of yourself simply because of the baby, but take care of yourself because of you. Eat well, drink plenty of water and get routine, safe exercise in, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your body.

2. Shift your mindset.

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to focus on all of the nitty-gritty, unpleasant details that you don’t enjoy about your body. But, this negative attitude can only influence you more negatively. Whenever you feel a negative mindset setting in, shift your perspective into a more positive outlook. Motherly says, “Recognize and appreciate the magnitude of this change. It’s not just your body that’s going through a major change during this time, but your entire life, too.” Instead of focusing on what’s wrongwith your body, focus on what’s right—you are making a new little baby! Your body is changing, but so is your life, and it is all for the better.

3. Get dolled up.

Sometimes when you feel down about your self-confidence, the best thing to do is get dolled up. There’s just something about doing her hair and makeup that can make a woman feel put together, classy and full of confidence. During pregnancy, it’s tempting to stay at home in sweatpants and not do anything about your appearance—after all, if you don’t feel great, it’s difficult to look great. But, when you put in a little extra effort to do your hair and makeup, you may just find that looking great on the outside translates to feeling great on the inside. Every now and then, try to get dolled up and get outside the house, so you can let others see your confidence, too.

4. Connect with other mothers.

Another way to feel confident while pregnant is connecting with other mothers who might be going through the same struggles. The Improvement Zone recommends joining a mothers-to-be group, such as a parenting class, pregnancy yoga or a breastfeeding workshop. If you feel low on self-esteem, be intentional about finding friends who are are currently or have gone through pregnancy, so you can share your challenges with them. Vent about how you’re feeling and see what tips they have to boost your self-esteem. Connecting with other mothers is the perfect way to meet someone who can empathize with you in low feelings, but won’t let you stay there.

5. Pamper yourself.

Finally, the best way to feel classy while pregnant is to pamper yourself. We know, we know: as an expectant or new mother, “pampering” isn’t particularly high on your list of things to do. But, pampering yourself is the perfect way to feel classy and get a good boost to your confidence at the same time. Give yourself a nice long bubble bath, get a prenatal massage or enjoy a tall glass of delicious non-alcoholic wine. However you choose to pamper yourself, having intentional time to relax and unwind is a great way to feel classy and confident in who you are.

During pregnancy, the body’s changes and challenges can often leave women feeling frustrated and low on self-esteem. But, by staying positive and confident, you can improve your mental health and even help your baby’s physical health. Try out these tips during pregnancy to feel classy and confident as you prepare for your little one.