Prep for Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Prep for Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Happy February! This month is known for many things: cold weather, Black History Month and of course… Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is more than just an occasion to give your loved one a card and a box of candy. It’s a genuine opportunity to slow down, take time and truly show someone how much you love and appreciate them.

Particularly for new or expecting moms, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to share how much you value them. Pregnancy and motherhood are hard, so it’s nice to feel appreciated every now and then. However, it can be a bit confusing or even challenging trying to pick out a present for the soon-to-be mom in your life. Should you go the romantic route, or try something more practical for her upcoming adventure? If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas for how you can prep for Valentine’s Day with gifts for the pregnant woman in your life.

1. Spa Day

No matter how far along your partner is in her pregnancy, a spa day is always great gift. There’s just something about laying back, relaxing and being pampered that makes a woman feel amazing. Schedule a surprise spa day for your loved one, complete with prenatal massage, hair, makeup and even a mani-pedi combo. For an added bonus, consider inviting her friend or sister into it, so she has someone to enjoy it with!

2. Gift Cards

Have you ever heard of a gift card tree before? They’re similar to flowers, but last significantly longer, and the possibilities are endless! Pick out gift cards to her favorite restaurants, salons, stores and coffee shops, so she can choose which ones to use and enjoy your present for weeks to come. It’s the perfect way to ensure she gets exactly what she wants, without the hassle of flowers.

3. Cleaning Service

While hiring a cleaning service might not sound like the most romantic gesture, we guarantee the expecting mother in your life will love it this Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing more relaxing than having your house cleaned—without you having to lift a finger. Save your loved one the struggle of getting down to clean a toilet, or stretching to dust off the fan. Hire a cleaning service this Valentine’s Day so she can enjoy a clean home, stress-free.

4. Maternity Pillow

What’s the number one complaint most pregnant women face? Sleeping. Apparently, sleeping can be a challenge when you have another human being growing inside of your body. Who knew? Give her the gift of a glorious, comfortable, refreshing night of sleep with a maternity pillow this Valentine’s Day. Search for a maternity pillow you think would be best, or take her shopping to pick one out together that meets her needs.

5. Lingerie

While pregnant, many women can struggle to feel beautiful or sexy in their changing bodies. After all, things are stretching and growing; what used to fit doesn’t anymore; and everything is sore. Valentine’s Day in particular is a great opportunity to give her the gift of feeling sexy in her skin. Surprise her with new lingerie, or include an option in your gift card tree, so she can pick out something she feels comfortable in. Either way, she can feel confident, comfortable and classy in her new gift on Valentine’s Day.

6. Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life, so why not help your loved one memorialize these moments with a maternity photoshoot? Hire a photographer she loves and help her pick out outfits she feels beautiful in. Many photographers will even let spouses and other children in the pictures, for an entire family photoshoot! The gesture will go a long way with her on Valentine’s Day, and make her feel truly special.

7. Romantic Dinner

Of course, there is always the classic route for any Valentine’s Day: a romantic dinner. While dinners might seem overdone on this holiday, they’re still a great gift option. After all, every woman loves getting dressed up and going out on the town. Surprise her with an evening out, or pick your favorite restaurant together. If you really want to brighten her evening, try splitting a bottle of alcohol-free wine between the two of you. Then, she can truly feel included in the dinner environment, without any concern for alcohol.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so the question remains: are you prepared? If your spouse or loved one is expecting, keep these gift ideas in mind. She will feel loved and appreciated, and you both can enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s Day.