The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mom Needs

The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mom Needs

If you’re an expecting mother, you know all about what it looks like to track your health. You might have tracked your ovulation cycle as you tried to get pregnant; then, once you realized you were expecting, you probably tracked your weeks and what you should expect during each trimester. You track your health, your weight, your baby’s heartbeat… everything. If there’s one thing every mother knows, it’s how to keep track.

But sometimes, keeping track of your health information on your own can feel like a pretty tall task. Some things can get lost, or even forgotten, as you worry about what you need to record. Fortunately, there’s one new invention which can help every expectant mother out there track her pregnancy: the app.

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, conveniently located directly on your smartphone or tablet. No matter what you want to do, there’s probably an app for it, and pregnancy is no exception. In fact, there are a variety of pregnancy apps available in the world, to help you track your health, monitor your baby and prepare for the little one. Whichever app you choose is completely up to your own style and preferences. To get you started, we made a list of which apps to consider. Here are the best pregnancy apps every mom needs to know.

1. The Bump

From the people who bring you The Bump baby website, comes The Bump app. This free app has adorably bright colors and helps parents know more about how to grow their baby. It also provides useful articles and informative resources to keep you feeling confident throughout your entire pregnancy. It even has a 3D image generated of your baby to see the size. Talk about cool!

2. WebMD Pregnancy

If you already love WebMD, then this is the perfect pregnancy app for you! It offers its own pregnancy tracker, appointment organizer and symptom tracker, for anything you want to log for your next doctor’s appointment. It even has a kick counter and contraction monitor, for when you wish to record your baby’s movements. Like The Bump, it also offers weekly articles with relevant topics to your stage of pregnancy.

3. What to Expect

What to Expect is one of the more popular pregnancy apps out there, published by the What to Expect pregnancy and parenting brand. Not only can you track your baby’s growth day by day, but it also offers videos and advice for you to learn more, a resource center to connect with other moms near you and over 10,000 articles on what to expect during pregnancy and parenthood. Needless to say, with this app, you will certainly feel comfortable and confident heading into new parenthood.

4. Pregnancy+

If you want to see what your baby looks like throughout every stage of pregnancy, this is the app for you. As one of the more popular pregnancy apps, Pregnancy+ offers a sleek and easy-to-navigate user interface. Not only can you track your baby’s kicks, but you can also monitor your own weight gain, and learn about your little one’s growth through illustrated charts and images from every angle. This clear, informative and supportive app is the perfect choice going into pregnancy.

5. BabyBump Pregnancy

For those moms who still aren’t quite sure about a baby name yet, this is the ideal app. Like others, you can still track your baby’s growth, kicks, contractions and doctor appointments, but you can also search through a database of baby names for ideas. So, you can feel confident about your baby’s health, and still get some new name ideas along the way.

6. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

One of the best features available on the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app is the Community section. Not only can you track your baby’s growth, symptoms, photos, etc., but the Community section allows you to ask anonymous questions from other parents online. It’s the perfect way to feel safe and secure, while having all of your questions answered.

7. I’m Expecting

The I’m Expecting app is designed to share what’s happening to your baby and your body all at the same time. It offers weekly pregnancy videos and daily updates to keep you consistently informed. It also has a variety of tips, articles and advice from experts on how to relieve pregnancy symptoms and more. And with a pregnancy community built in, you’ll have plenty of support through the app, as well.

Pregnancy can be a very challenging time, specifically when it comes to tracking every little aspect about yours and your baby’s health. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Try out one or more of these apps to find one you like that fits your needs. Then, you can feel comfortable and confident as you explore the world of pregnancy and motherhood, with a community to back you up.