The Most Useful Gifts to Give for Second Time Moms

The Most Useful Gifts to Give for Second Time Moms

So, you’ve been invited to a baby shower. Whether she’s your sister, friend or some other random family member, you still want to get her a great gift she will love. But, there’s just one slight problem—this is her second baby.

What if she already has your gift? What if she tried it with her last baby, and didn’t like it? What can you get a mom who already has one, two or ten children? Fortunately, you still have options. No matter how many children a woman has, there are some gifts that never get old. Here’s a list of the most useful gifts to give for second time moms.

1. Sleep.

Ask any mom, and she’ll tell you: there’s nothing she wants more than quality time of sleep. And while you may not be able to sprinkle magic dream dust on her pillow, the least you can do is grant her some designated sleeping time. Offer to come over and watch her firstborn for her for free, so she can use the time to catch up on sleep with her new little baby bump.

2. Date night.

After the mom has taken a quality nap, offer to stay a little longer and give her and her significant other a much-needed date night. Babysit her little ones for the evening so she can have time to get dressed up, go out and not have little hands reaching for her the whole time. If you really want to go all out with the date, then buy her and her spouse a gift card to their favorite restaurant, so they can enjoy the night together completely free of charge.

3. Diapers.

Of course, no matter how many previous children you have, one gift you will always need is diapers. Pack a bag of diapers and wipes to give to the second time mama in your life. If you want to be even more creative, consider packing in extra diaper goodies, like rash cream or a new changing pad. Even if she already has diapers to spare, she will still appreciate the gesture. After all, you did save her some money and a potentially frustrating trip to the store.

4. Family portraits.

With her little one on the way, no doubt your loved one will want a whole new set of family portraits to hang around the house. Surprise her with a photo package after the baby is born. You can consider a newborn photo shoot, or one for the entire family that includes her older children. Then, she can enjoy the new pictures around her home which incorporate all of her family members.

5. White noise.

Older siblings can often be loud and rowdy, making it difficult for the new little baby to sleep… which makes it hard for mom to sleep. Help meet this need by surprising her with a white noise machine to drown out the sounds of other children while the baby tries to sleep. A white noise machine makes constant, repetitive sounds very similar to a mother’s womb, so the baby can fall right asleep, no matter how loud his or her older siblings might be.

6. Sibling outfits.

Now that we’re older, we understand why our moms made us dress like our siblings. It’s just too cute! If you have a friend or family member celebrating her second baby, give her the gift of adorability with a sibling outfit set. Not only will she love it, but she could even use the set in their family portraits (as mentioned above).

7. Alone time.

Ultimately, for a second time mom, there are few things she wants more in this world than alone time. She simply wants time without someone pulling on her, asking her questions or making messing up her house. Give her the gift of quality alone time by offering to take the kids for a day. Then, surprise her with a relaxation basket, filled with bubble bath, candles, her favorite book and even alcohol-free wine. She will greatly appreciate the gift and return feeling more relaxed and replenished than ever.

When it comes to buying gifts for second time moms, it’s hard to know what they might need or want. However, no matter how many children a woman has, there are still useful gifts she will love and appreciate. If you want to give a gift to the woman in your life expecting her second (or third or fourth, etc.) child, then consider these ideas and see how you can brighten her day.