Use These Tips to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Use These Tips to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

So, you went through three trimesters of pregnancy, gave birth and survived the first few months of motherhood. These have been the most challenging, beautiful and eye-opening months of your life. Now, everything seems to be culminating at one miraculous point: your baby is turning one year old.

At times it may have seemed like this moment would never come. At other times, it might feel like the last year flashed by in the blink of an eye. Either way, the reality remains: your baby is turning one, and now is your chance to plan the birthday party. If your baby’s first birthday party is approaching, keep these tips in mind as you plan.

1. Select a simple theme. As you plan the birthday party, it’s easy to go overboard with Pinterest-worthy ideas and decorate with crazy decor. This can quickly become stressful and even tarnish some of the fun of planning. Instead, choose one simple theme that you can stick with throughout the party. The easier, the better!

2. Plan around the nap. Life is much smoother with a well-rested baby. Birthday parties are no different. When planning your little one’s bash, be sure to schedule festivities around their regular nap time. While this might mean a bit of an odd party time, everyone (especially baby) will have a much more pleasant afternoon.

3. Choose an outdoor area. If weather permits, choose an outdoor venue for your little one’s birthday party. A playground or a park provides all the space you need for friends, family and extra kiddos. Plus, the only materials you need are cake, balloons, snacks and a table to put them on; Mother Nature provides the rest.

4. Take photos before guests. You already know babies do not stay clean for very long. And for your little guest of honor, the photos mean more at the party than the memories. Be sure to snap pictures of your baby dressed up, eating cake or smiling with presents before everyone arrives—and before baby gets sleepy or overwhelmed.

5. Have a smash cake. Smash cakes are currently all the rage among one-year-olds. Cute pictures of babies covered in cake and frosting with smiles across their faces are plastered all around the Internet. Get on board the train with adorable photos and fun for your little one by having a smash cake for him or her to enjoy.

6. Provide kids snacks. If you plan on having other children at the party, be sure to have kid-friendly snacks available for them to try. Offer healthier alternatives like fruits and veggies, but don’t be afraid to include tastier treats, too, like chips or brownies. After all, it is a party!

7. Offer adult drinks. And of course, you can’t forget about the adults present. While adults will definitely enjoy snacks just as much as the kids, adult drinks are also great options. Non-alcoholic wine or beer are wonderful alternatives for drinks that all adults can enjoy, including any pregnant or breastfeeding women at the party.

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially with your new baby. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your little one’s first birthday party, for a fun-filled event they will never remember, and you will never forget.