What to Look for in a Mothers’ Group

What to Look for in a Mothers’ Group

So, you have a new baby on the way (or maybe the baby has already arrived), and now you’re looking for a little bit of extra support. You want to find a group of women who understand what you’ve been through, are currently going through and will help go through it with you. Cue: a mothers’ group.

Mothers’ groups are the perfect opportunity to get to know other women in your area who are pregnant or who recently had a baby. You can get to know them and their children, so both you and your child have friends to enjoy. Mothers’ groups provide a type of camaraderie and companionship during a time which can otherwise feel isolating and overwhelming. They’re a wonderful resource for new or expecting moms.

However, be warned: not all mothers’ groups are created equal. While some can be incredibly uplifting, others can quickly turn into a competitive battle arena. How do you choose the right one for you? To start off, here are some ideas to consider for what to look for in a mothers’ group.

Moms in Different Walks of Life

One useful component to search for in a mothers’ group is moms in different walks of life. In other words, you might not want a group of moms where everyone is a first-timer. Things could be a bit challenging. Instead, you want moms who are on their second or third child, moms who adopted and single moms. Look for a group of women where everyone is on a different journey in their lives, all coming together to share and grow in their walk of motherhood.

Moms from Varying Backgrounds

Just like different walks of life, search for a diverse mothers’ group with moms from varying backgrounds. Our backgrounds shape and shift how we see the entire world, including motherhood. When you get a group of women together from a wide range of backgrounds, you feel confident that these women will have perspectives, ideas and tips that you might have never considered.

Moms with Distinct Opinions

When everyone has varying backgrounds and different walks of life, they bring their own unique opinions to the table. This is the ideal moment for you to learn, absorb and apply a variety of ideas to your own parenting habits. The more opinions you can learn from, the more likely you are to find the right parenting tip or trick that works best for you and your little one.

Moms who Include

Unfortunately, mothers’ groups can quickly go downhill when mothers choose to judge, gossip or compare. The last thing you want from your mothers’ group is being left out or unincluded. This can leave you feeling even more isolated during an already big life transition. Be sure to search for a group of moms who help you to feel included, involved and encouraged in the group.

Moms Online

Of course, finding a mothers’ group might not always be easy, or even available in your area. When in doubt, consider looking online for a mothers’ group. There are a large variety of groups online through social media platforms that you can join, connect with and learn from. If finding one near you is not a possibility, join an online community so you can enjoy valuable relationships with other new or expecting mothers.

Being a mom is tough work, particularly when you try to do it without any support. Instead, a mothers’ group is the perfect way to find and connect with other moms. As you search in your community or online, keep these tips in mind to find the best group that fits your needs.