Rosso Dry

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Displays an intense, deep red color. Exhibits aromas of ripe fruits with a pleasing and elaborate taste.


• Package Includes: Princess Rosso Dry Alcohol Free (0.0%) Red Wine 750ml.
• Produced by Princess winery in Italy with red table grape varieties. 
• Best served at 8-10ºC (46.4 - 50ºF).



Princess Rosso Dry is a non-alcoholic red wine produced in Italy. The product has been dealcoholized after production, which allows the wine to retain the complexity normally associated with alcoholic wine.




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Written by Nikki on Apr 23rd 2018

Light cherry red

This Italian red had a spicy nose with cherry accents, but tasted like a nice light red wine that you could enjoy on a warm day. I'd say it's much lighter in than you'd think, but again good for a warm weather evening.