Taking Kids Trick-Or-Treating While Pregnant

Taking Kids Trick-Or-Treating While Pregnant

Happy one week until Halloween! Halloween is just around the corner, and with it we can smell the crisp scent of leaves in the air, see the pumpkins on every doorstep and even hear the sound of children laughing as they put the final touches on their costumes. In just a few days, children and families galore will be out on the streets going door-to-door and exclaiming, “Trick-or-treat!”

However, while this age-old tradition tends to be oodles of fun for most children and parents, it can be uniquely challenging for expecting or new mothers. How can you manage your older children trick-or-treating, while you’re dealing with body changes or a new baby? Let’s talk more about taking kids trick-or-treating while pregnant.

Dress Your Belly Up

If you plan on taking older kids out trick-or-treating this Halloween, then get in the spirit of things by dressing up your belly. Not only will your children love having their mom there to go trick-or-treating with them, but they’ll love the fun costume you come up with, too. And you can be sure you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with a creative maternity costume. If you want to get really involved, why not try doing a whole family costume that everyone can partake in? For example, the Scooby Doo clan or a skeleton bunch. For more ideas on how to dress up while pregnant, check out our article on 7 Mom-to-Be Costume Ideas for Halloween.

Take the Baby Out

This is for the women who’ve already popped: maybe you’re no longer pregnant this Halloween, but now you have a new little baby, and you’re not sure what to do with him or her on this spooky evening. Some moms might feel intrusive or even annoying for dressing up their baby and taking them out on Halloween, but stop this idea before it even has a chance! Instead, don’t be afraid to dress up your new little munchkin and haul him or her along with you as the older kids ask for candy. You can have a fun, big family affair, and receive plenty of compliments on how adorable your little newborn is in their precious costume.

Split the time.

Maybe you want to go trick-or-treating with your older children, but aren’t sure if you or your new little one could make it through the night. After all, Halloween can come with a lot of walking. If this is the case, consider splitting the time with your spouse, significant other or a close friend or family member. Maybe you start out together, then you head back home after a little while. Or maybe you walk with the kids to one house, then he or she takes the kids to another point. By splitting the time, the kids can still have plenty of fun trick-or-treating, and you won’t feel as exhausted or overwhelmed while trying to manage your pregnant belly or newborn baby.

Host Your Own Party

If you’re really unsure about all the walking around on Halloween night, then take matters into your own hands by hosting your own party at home. This way, you can still have lots of fun with friends, family and children, but not have to worry about your water breaking from walking too much. Ask guests to dress up for the occasion, decorate your house with spooky decor and cook up some scary-good food and drinks. You could even have delicious non-alcoholic beer or wine on hand for guests to enjoy. And if you really want the children to go trick-or-treating, see about getting a big group of little ones together with older kids who could take them, while the adults enjoy the party.

Taking kids trick-or-treating can already be a pretty tall task to manage, particularly when you are an expecting or new mother. You want older children to have fun, but aren’t sure how to manage it all. Feel confident by trying out these tips for Halloween this year and see how you can enjoy trick-or-treating while pregnant.